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Road, Car Park and Warehouse guardrail safety barrier systems are designed to protect vehicles from hitting a hazard. Steel guardrail systems are the world’s most widely specified safety barrier systems and have significantly contributed to improving the safety of our regions roads.The strength of a steel guardrail system is primarily developed through a combination of the flexural resistance of the rail and the bending resistance of the supporting posts.

Through our Weldlok brand, NEPEAN Building & Infrastructure supplies a comprehensive range of safety barriers systems, which include well known brands in RAMSHIELD guardrail and Rhino Stop barriers. Public domain systems in W Beam and Thriebeam guardrail with C posts are also available. A complementary range of approved guardrail end terminals such as SKT Terminals, FLEAT Terminals, X350 Terminals, Departure Terminals, Bullnose and Car Park Terminals complete the range. 

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