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ABC Pro-Series LogoGalintel® are manufacturers of the ABC Pro-Series Lintels. The ABC Pro-Series Lintel product range has been created through a combination of experience, industry knowledge, proven engineering design principles and a determination to build a quality product. The outcome is a series of robust, precision-engineered masonry support units that fit perfectly within Australian homes and are easy for builders to install. Steel masonry building products are essential components in masonry dwellings for the Australian building industry. They are designed for optimum support of brickwork over clear openings such as windows, doors and garages. The can be used for single & double cavity applications and are hot-dip galvanized to meet the R3 durabilty classification in accordance with AS/NZS 2699.3 standard. 


Galintel LogoGalintel® is Australia’s leading brand of high quality galvanised steel lintels for the building & construction industry.Manufactured in Australia for over 30 years, Galintel® has built a reputation for innovation and excellence and is the industry leader for lintels that are smarter, stronger, more durable and ultimately safer. Galintel® works extensively with industry stakeholders on the development of lintels and all our products undergo independent testing and appraisal ensuring they comply with the requirements of the Building Code of Australia and relevant Australian Standards.


Ramshield Guardrail logoRAMSHIELD® is the latest innovation and advancement in W-beam guardrail barrier designs. Developed by Safe Direction specifically for Australian conditions, RAMSHIELD® guardrail has been fullscale crash tested to MASH Test Level 3, providing a superior performance when compared to all existing Australian public domain guardrail barrier systems. Providing a forgiving roadside environment reduces the consequences for vehicles leaving the safe, travelled way. Hazards such as trees, utility poles, culverts and embankments are often located adjacent to roadways and relocating them is often impractical. In these instances, shielding with a longitudinal safety barrier, such as RAMSHIELD® is the most appropriate solution.


Rhino Stop logoRHINO-STOP® by Safe Direction Pty Ltd in modular barrier designs providing superior design, rapid installation and driver confidence. RHINO-STOP® has been crash tested to comply with and exceed the 30kN impact requirement of AS/NZS 1170.1. RHINO-STOP® may be installed as a standalone post and w-beam rail configuration or with balustrade and mesh infill attachments when fall protection for pedestrians is required. The modular design is also availble in RHINO-STOP Sky-Edge, which conserves valuable space by positioning on the outer edge of the substrate and RHINO-STOP® Truck Guard, which is Australia’s leading modular vehicle barrier system providing compliance to the 40kN impact described in AS/NZS 1170.1 (Type G loading). 


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Traffic and parking safety equipment products are essential components for many car parks and warehouses applications. Rubber Wheel Stops are an essential part of any car park, designed to inhibit encroachment into an opposing parking space, control kerb overhang or contact with a building or high kerb. They are best used for protecting drop-offs from the edge of a kerb between 150mm and 600mm in height in car park applications. Speed Humps prevent speeding in certain road sections that require slow driving speeds, and restrict the entrance of cars to residential areas or school districts. Rubber Corner Protectors help prevent costly damage to vehicles and buildings. They are he ideal solution for car parks, warehouses and other applications where dents and scrapes occur. 


bollard 1 logoSteel bollards are used to prevent unauthorised vehicular access and highlight the preferred direction of travel. The bollards are hot dip galvanised and powder-coated yellow to provide a durable and highly visible solution. Steel bollards are available with fixed base plates, removable cast in anchors and in-ground installations.